DOCSIS Device Compatibility and Capability

photo This site provides a list of all currently approved cable modems and EMTA devices. Use this site to ensure your device is compatible with the service level that you subscribe to. For additional information on End of Life (EOL) devices, please review the EOL FAQs.

Comcast strongly recommends customers only purchase devices that include a warranty and/or return policy. Cable modems and eMTAs operate with firmware/software and could make the device defective and inoperable if compromised in any way.

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Select Your Speed Tier

Your device's DOCSIS version number matters if you subscribe to Comcast Performance, Blast!, or Extreme.

Not sure what your speed tier is?

You can find it listed on your monthly internet bill (click here to view a sample). For more information regarding your cable modem or speed tiers, please call 1-800-XFINITY for assistance.

For Xfinity customers who lease their device and require an upgrade to a D3.0 Wireless Gateway please click on the link below

Residential Speed Tiers

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Economy Plus
Performance Starter
Extreme 105
Extreme 150
Business Speed Tiers

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Deluxe 50
Deluxe 75
Deluxe 100 Plus
Deluxe 150

DOCSIS Devices - All Speed Tiers

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