Thomson DCM425 Digital Cable Modem

Device Details

Make:    Thomson
Model:    DCM425
Retail:    No
Device Type:    CableModem
DOCSIS Version:    2.0
End of Life?    07/2013

Reference Material

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Cable Modem Light Indicators

Image of the lights on the device
On - If this and the Cable Link light are steady then the modem is connected
Flashing - modem is searching for a downstream signal
Off - power is not supplied to the modem or modem is in standby
PC Link
On - PC is detected but no current activity
Flashing - activity between PC and modem
Off - no computer detected or modem is in standby
Cable Link
On - cable modem is connected to the network
Flashing - cable modem is attempting to connect to the network
Off - cable modem not connected to the network
Flashing - flashes to indicate unread email (only if ISP enables this feature)
Off - no email messages pending
Cable Activity
Flashing - indicates data traffic; modem is in use
Off - indicates no current data traffic

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